Surrey Based Speech and Language Therapy

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It's a wonderful thing to be able to make something constructive into something fun and I have no doubt it was Alison's gentle nature and kindness that made it such a pleasant and memorable experience for them.
Mrs R, mother of twins
We brought our son to see Alison because his speech was considerably delayed and he was easily distracted due to poor understanding. Having had him assessed we were told that he was approximately one year behind the average. After four months of weekly therapy and doing the games set for us at home, our son has caught up to where he should be for his age. He is doing incredibly well and loves coming to see Alison, even asking for her on his days off! We are hugely grateful and would recommend Alison wholeheartedly'.
Mrs B, mother of 3 year old
My son has been having direct speech and language therapy with Alison Greig for approximately two years. He has made excellent progress and has enjoyed working with Alison. She is very approachable, friendly and highly experienced in her field. We would highly recommend her.
Mrs M, mother of 10 year old
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